| West Texas Save-the-Date

When Derek and Emily asked me to create a custom invitation suite with a “Brooklyn meets West Texas” vibe, I was thrilled.  I couldn’t shake that Yellow Rose of Texas song from my mind, and when I suggested the idea of incorporating it to Emily she laughed and told me that the song was “…about a woman named Emily Morgan, the ‘yellow rose of Texas’,  a prostitute who “distracted” Santa Ana so the Texans could get across a bridge or something. There’s a hotel named after her in San Antonio where I grew up, though my parents didn’t know any of this when I was born in Massachusetts and they named me…Emily Morgan!”  That settled it.

After an unsuccessful search for the perfect fabric to make pockets, we created a custom yellow rose patterned paper to line the envelopes. The cards have a digitally printed black layer with a gold foil overlay on kraft paper.  I can’t wait to show you the rest of the pieces!