When our friends invited us to join them on their tour of the New Jersey Naval Museum, I confess I tried to get Brian to drop me at Nordstrom instead. (Can you believe we don’t have one here in NYC!?) I’m getting a bit claustrophobic in my old age and generally  prefer a book to a monument.

Lucky for me, I stayed the course and we all boarded the USS LING 297, a WWW II era submarine. It was fascinating! We couldn’t believe the tight quarters—it made NYC apartments seem spacious. According to our guide, sixty men lived submerged at sea for months. (With two toilets!)

I was pleasantly surprised by a) how into the tour both my kids were (a jungle gym in a long, steel, tube!) and b) the sub’s amazing typography.  Patriotic and visual inspiration!

Our guide, (Curtis!) was fantastic, and instructed us to tell our friends that the museum is just a quick zip over to Hackensack, and not only can you host a birthday party on board the Ling, you can even have a sleep over! How about it friends?  I call top-est bunk.


| Las Vegas Wedding

Maile and Reed wanted a custom invitation for their Las Vegas (my hometown!) wedding, and having worked with this family before, I jumped at the chance.  They are all so nice and fun to work with! We wanted a hint of vintage “fabulous Las Vegas” without getting too kitschy.  Some deco type and a nod to vintage playing cards seemed just enough.

A cigar band wrap held all the pieces together inside the “peace” gray envelopes.

Three color letterpress on white Crane Lettra paper, done by the fabulous Robert at Tryst Press. Big congrats to Maile and Reed!