| HiLine Coffee Shoot

The talented partners at Work Studio (who happen to be my sister and brother-in-law!) are rebranding HiLine Coffee and asked me to art direct some photography for the website. The coffee flavors are named after NYC neighborhoods, so we developed a fun concept to highlight a few popular blends through character cliches of each ‘hood. Together with style genius Randi Brookman Harris and brilliant photographer Stephen Johnson, we created a series of stolen moments—sneak peeks into the coffee rituals of these imaginary New Yorkers.

I love the details of Randi’s styling—our Broadway actress keeps her false eyelashes and her Advil handy on her vanity. (Rough morning.) A pink and orange color palette were chosen to reinforce the blend’s fruity and sweet flavor.

Of course the Brooklyn mom’s moment feels entirely familiar… This flavor is savory with a hint of walnut. (Notice the necklace?!)

Wall Street is a dark roast, with a nutty, minty flavor. (Hits of green were chosen to compliment the more obvious props.)

If you look closely, you can see a sneak preview of Jana’s pretty typography on the red coffee pod in the bowl up top. Can’t wait to see the whole rebrand! This was such a fun project—it was nice to put my art director hat back on after a spell. And of course working with this ultimate dream team was an extra delectable treat. Thanks guys!

| NYC Postcards

Like most New Yorkers, I am passionate about this city. We came here with starry eyes and hungry stomachs—Brian hung up his magazine hat to pursue law; I picked it up and scurried over to Martha Stewart Living. We took long walks through Central Park, ate hot dogs at Coney Island, soaked in museums, and gazed at the city skyline from the rooftop. I was in love.

But as passionate affairs are wont to be, my relationship with NYC is volatile—it takes about one subway detour for the love-hate to flip and there is no middle ground. Late winter with two kids can really put us on the rocks, and I confess that as we approach the Seven Year Itch, thoughts of driveways and a laundry room dance in my head. It occurred to me that perhaps New York and I needed some alone time to rekindle the spark.

Magically, the stars aligned and I got my NYC date, but since this post is already too long and blubbery, maybe we should discuss that later and look at a few more of these lovely postcards.

The New York Public Library Online Picture Collection recently added 25,000 historical New York City post cards to their collection. I am especially intrigued by those with special finishes— The “Hold to Light” cards have my wheels spinning for a future projects, Embossed cards allowed the owners to “reproduce the image by rubbing a pencil across a piece of paper placed over the card”,  and you know I love the ones with added tinsel and glitter!