| Dare Alla Luce

“We ourselves are made of stardust.” This quote, in all its layers, rushed hard at me as I marveled at Amy Friend’s “Dare Alla Luce”. Amy’s series, named for the Italian phrase meaning “to give birth” or literally, “to give to the light”, was created by piercing vintage photographs, long lost and forgotten, and photographing them anew against the light.



Its hard to choose, but this one, titled “We Gather to See”, is my favorite. Read more and see the incredible full collection here.

| Summer Magic

Fireflies of Fitzgerald

Normally I am staunchly, stereotypically squeamish about bugs, but hot damn God got it right with fireflies. Nothing feels more storybook-like than watching my kids’ chubby fingers greedily cupping these might-be-fairies; we are anxiously watching for them to float into our evening walks. Do yourself a favor and click on that photo to make it bigger, then go learn more from our friends at National Geographic who took this incredible time-lapse shot.