| Surfer Girl Shower

I can’t believe its been over a year since I got to host a baby shower for my dear friend, Pepper. The ultimate beach babe, Pepper is a bonafide surfer girl (she was an extra in Blue Crush!) so when her plans for a beach babymoon tragically fell apart, it was clear we needed to throw her a beach-themed baby shower.

I wanted to do a message-in-a-bottle invitation, and everyone knows miniature things are always better, especially for baby showers. We got these tiny cork-stopped bottles, sprinkled some sand in the bottom, rolled up the long, skinny invitations, stuffed them in and stopped them up. The trick, as my clever co-host was smart to catch, was to tie the tiny scrolls with a bit of string that extended past the bottle neck so guests could easily pull it out without hunting down their tweezers.  We affixed the little bottles to the simply printed cards (see top photo) with a tiny adhesive dot—these guys are tiny but they hold really well.



Clearly I was in a slapstick mood while typing these invites up—the text is a compilation of beach song lyrics. I’m so mad I’ve lost all the photos of the shower, but trust me when I tell you it was a real good time. Beach bucket favors, tropical drinks, and two palm tree centerpieces Brian built out of a dozen pineapples. (Would you expect anything less for a lady who took Lance Bass to Sadie Hawkins in high school? The bar was set high early in Pepper’s life.) Love this lady and her now-1-year-old!

| Las Vegas Wedding

Maile and Reed wanted a custom invitation for their Las Vegas (my hometown!) wedding, and having worked with this family before, I jumped at the chance.  They are all so nice and fun to work with! We wanted a hint of vintage “fabulous Las Vegas” without getting too kitschy.  Some deco type and a nod to vintage playing cards seemed just enough.

A cigar band wrap held all the pieces together inside the “peace” gray envelopes.

Three color letterpress on white Crane Lettra paper, done by the fabulous Robert at Tryst Press. Big congrats to Maile and Reed!