| Pegboard A-Z


Over the summer Brian helped me install an arts/crafts/office station, aka the wall of my dreams. Several friends have asked for a breakdown—here you go!

We picked up a giant sheet of pegboard at Home Depot for $30 and the fine gentlemen there helped me trim it for free. (Note: this project commenced on a whim as we drove by the hardware store—I did not measure ahead of time and by the grace of the pegboard gods magically eyeballed it to fit precisely between the molding. Almost makes up for the ten-thousand projects I have embarked upon under similar circumstances and had to start over).

I wanted it to be framed, so we also grabbed four lengths of thin, wood molding which I spray painted gold along with all of the hardware. (Unless otherwise mentioned, items are hung with hooks from these pegboard kits.  Brian screwed the pegboard to the molding from the back, then mounted it to the wall with spacers near each of the four corners. Here is what we used:

A. Leftover piece of wood we had lying around, painted green and mounted with brass brackets

B. Topiary (I think something green is nice in the mix)

C. Print by my amazing sister Jana

D. Spice jars filled with rhinestones and googly eyes

E. Mason jars with pom-poms and dyed macaroni

F. Clock (similar)

G. Spool of baker’s twine

H. Hole punch

I. Desktop organizer (similar) filled with stickers, stamps, and extra notebooks

J. Peggable wire baskets, spray painted gold to hold paints and palette

K. Print by my talented friend Keenan Cummings 

L. Wooden dowel hung with three hooks, holding assorted nylon twine and rolls of paper

M. Measuring tapes and random ribbons (we always seem to have special ones we can’t part with but can’t commit to using)

N. Label tags

O. 2 sets of 3 tins, filled with envelopes, pipe cleaners, craft sticks, paint brushes, pens, and pencils. (Brian drilled a hole in the back of each for me.)

P. Tiny scissors that are hardly functional but make me happy

Q. Double-sided tape

R. Wall magazine rack filled with construction paper

S. Single-sided tape (we like having both kinds handy)

T. Peggable wire baskets (filled with glues and colored pencils)

U. Scissors

V. Skeleton keys, good for make-believe dungeons

W. Stapler

X. Rail and hanging bins filled with colored pencils, crayons, and markers

Y. A little tray from the pegboard organizer kit filled with erasers, sticky notes, and usually a random treasure from Oliver

Z. Top Spiral Notebook, strung with twine so it can be hung up

I love this pegboard with my whole heart—it’s so nice having everything at my fingertips. Brian and the kids can easily find what they need (and put it back in its proper place!) and the vertical storage is a great space saver. I already made a mini one in the bathroom and am doing my best to refrain from hanging pegboard on every available surface.

| Calendar Clocks

Happy Leap Day everyone! Or, “Happy Leapfrog Day!” as Ivy is shouting to Oliver on repeat. It feels like time is accelerating—I’m glad for the bonus day since I’m still trying to train my fingers to write 2012. Perhaps a retro calendar clock could help keep me on track? I love this orange Fartech (although I’m not sure I could take the never-ending bathroom humor its name would undoubtedly elicit from Brian.)

But I think I am leaning towards this Twemco model since the numbers will make it easier to teach the kids how to tell time. But oh, that orange. I am a sucker for orange. What’s your vote?