| Modernist Landscapes

Happy April everyone! Spring is taunting us here in NYC—warm and wonderful one day and the next we’ve got our down coats back on. It’s making me anxious for reliably nice weather—let’s all cross our fingers we don’t skip straight to a blazing inferno summer, ok? We have big plans for all the amazing parks and playspaces this city offers. Which leads me to my next topic: Brazillian landscape architect Roberto Burle Marx. (more…)

| Sidewalk Script

High-five to the cement calligrapher responsible for the amazing typography scratched into the sidewalk we discovered on a walk in Cobble Hill. I salute you.

P.S.  Caught Ivy taking a permanent marker to my laptop.  I guess it gets confusing when your mom swoons over graffiti and then shuts down your Sharpie project.