| How to Love

Summer is my favorite season, which means I begin to miss it before it has even ended. Mourning and reveling happen in equal parts as we squeeze in every ice cream and bike ride and porch evening possible. Still, its not all bad: school supply lists have been received! And while I’ll miss the spontaneity and ease of our summer schedule, it’s exciting to think about a new school year, especially when I reflect on the amazing growth we saw in our children last year.

This was one of Ivy’s early writings, and it is among my most prized possessions. The assignment was to write a “How-To” book; the children could write about anything they knew how to do well. Ivy chose “How to Love”. Its more than a mother’s tunnel vision when I tell you that Ivy is uniquely qualified to write on this subject—she truly is an expert.

How to Love, by Ivy Morris.
First, if somebody is hurt, help them and don’t forget a bandaid.

Next, love as much as you can. Don’t forget to say hi to the birdies.

Then, work hard. Don’t forget to clean up the floor.

And you get your family together.

To summarize, the ingredients list: Love, Care, Work Hard. She gets it. And for added heart tugs, she knows not just how to love perfectly, but how to love me perfectly: Togetherness, nature, clean floors. As is usually the case, something complex and befuddling and sometimes hard for adults is crystal clear to kids. Thank you for the reminder Ivy.

| I’m Glad

This summer has been hard on Ivy—her best friend moved to Texas. She has been working hard on lots of projects to send that way (most of them oversized and 3-D, so Cam, prepare to fill that ranchhouse with some fancy pieces from a bonified Brooklyn artiste.) This one was nice and envelope sized, and I was so smitten with her colorful typography I scanned and printed a few more out. (I kind of want to gold foil some!) We thought it would be fun to send these to friends while we skipped town ourselves for a few weeks. I had a stack of friendship bracelets I had picked up in Mexico which made the perfect accent.

Ivy is a more of a fine artist and was pretty horrified by the idea of mass producing her art—she wanted to handwrite and customize each card.  After a hearty debate, she acquiesced to custom signatures, and I love the little logo she came up with.  While I was trying to configure some complicated hole punched/sewn-in/looped through approach for attaching the bracelets, Ivy smacked some tape around the back. Simple and perfect.  Oliver woke up just in time to slobber some envelopes closed, so it was a real team effort.  In conclusion, to anyone reading: I’m glad we are friends!