| Vintage Kids Magazines

Last summer on a trip to Maine we stumbled upon a gem of a thrift store where I found stacks of these vintage “Children’s Activities” magazines from 1940. It literally makes my teeth hurt that I didn’t buy them all. (Does this phenomenon affect anyone else? Deep regret=dental discomfort?) But luckily I did buy two, and every page is a treat.


| Judging Covers

I am an unabashed judger of books by their covers.  In fact, my entire literary experience is almost completely determined by covers and I am painfully prejudiced against the ugly ones. Remember when everyone was fainting in the streets about these?  I have to confess: I found them a little…meh. Or maybe I just mourned the lost opportunity of missed details. However, these leatherbound classics designed by Jessica Hische for Barnes and Noble still get my
heart racing.

Marbled endpapers, painted page edges, ribbon bookmarks, and illustrated drop caps—they totally nailed it. Of course Jessica always does. And good news: there are three more coming soon! I fully intend to collect the entire set and slowly displace Brian’s law library which is hogging prime real estate on our living room bookshelves.

On a recent scouting trip to the bookstore, these book covers caught my eye: Hot Pink by Adam Levin, Birds of a Lesser Paradise by Megan Mayhew Bergman, and The Flame Alphabet by Ben Marcus.  And I confess this one made me laugh and intrigued me. Does anyone want to suggest a book to me based on actual literature and not just pretty pictures?