| Announcing Baby

Being a print designer, I am generally biased towards printed birth announcements. Brian and I sketched the drawing we mailed to announce our daughter Ivy’s birth to distract ourselves in the hospital. (We had a scheduled c-section so I wasn’t in labor, just incredibly antsy and anxious.) I loved Erin Jang’s announcement for her son Miles, her simplicity is perfect. However, this year some of our friends have totally changed the game.


John Jensen created this film to announce the birth of his daughter Sophie—it is stunningly beautiful. Check his website to see more of John’s genius, including the packaged DVDs for Sophie’s VIPs.


I love the story Joseph Esposito tells in this little film.  Bella chose to make a big entrance during one of the terrible snowstorms that hit NYC last winter—they needed a police escort to the hospital!

These video announcements are a treat for family and friends, but my favorite part is imagining the kids watching them when they are older. What an amazing gift for their new babies!