| Eataly Packaging

As I mentioned Monday, I have been feeling the need for a New York Minute. So when I suddenly found myself with a few unscheduled hours last week, I leapt for joy down 5th avenue. What a luxurious feeling to have no agenda, no commitments! And out of everything this city has to offer, I chose to grocery shop.

The Mario Batali “food temple” Eataly is super old news to almost everyone, but the legendary crowds have kept me at bay ever since it opened. However, when I found myself practically on the doorstep, I decided to be brave and venture in.

Hailed by NYMag as the “Best Tourist Trap That Locals Love Too”Eataly is sort of like if a food court and Williams Sonoma had a fancy, Italian baby.  Aka, my dream come true.  I was vividly reminded of the summer we spent in Milan when Ivy was teensy (Brian worked at the Milanese office of his firm for a few months), and she and I spent our days grocery shopping our hearts out. In this weakened state of nostalgia and hunger, I was powerless against the delicious smells and beautiful packaging.


We became addicted to these little mints that summer, mostly because it’s fun to offer friends a mint from such a beautiful box. Citrus flavors are always my favorite.


Brian is a major cheese connoisseur so I picked up this lovely aged cheddar for him…


…and this tasty Robiola cheese for the kids. (Sort of like a riccotta-cream-cheese hybrid.)


Like Nutella but better, this Crema Pistacchi is delicious on everything. But mostly on a spoon.


I have a weakness for miniature things, and this little guy is only 1″ tall. He will be perfect for my Philharmonic in the Park Picnic. (This is my No.1 most favorite thing to do in New York City. Ok, maybe it’s tied with trick-or-treating.)

Pretty packaging, people watching in the park, tasty snacks, and even cooperative weather—it gave me just the spark of Empire energy I needed to remind me how much I ♥ NYC. What do you do when you need a pick-me-up?