| Dolphins Tees

Ivy Dolphin
A recent project had me answering to a very particular client—a certain redheaded representative of Ms. Aleksandra’s P.S. 58 kindergarten classroom. Earlier in the year, the class voted on a dolphin mascot. On a recent field trip, we realized it might be easier to corral these dolphins if they had a uniform.

Naturally, Ivy was heavily involved in art directing this guy—I’m so disappointed I can’t find the sketches she created, sitting beside me as she chirped (good) advice.

Dolphin Smooch
Looks like we have at least one fan of the t-shirt! Little brother approves (and knows how to ham it up just right to sneak into his sister’s shot.)

| Bedazzled Brownstone

This kaleidoscopic stoop is a favorite with our magpie family. Buttons, beads, sequins, seashells, and all manner or shimmery sparklies cover this Boreum Hill home, and we always stop to check for new additions when we walk past.  I recently learned that the mosaic is more than fun and sparkles, its a beautiful memorial, “a celebration of life, [to] share with… neighbors and people who pass by to cheer them.” After 9/11, Brooklyn artist Susan Gardner began gluing bits of jewelry, mirror, and beads to her outside brownstone walls and has been adding to it ever since. Neighbors and visitors are known to leave broken dishes or jewelry to be added to the mosaic, so if you pass by 108 Wyckoff Street, leave a little something shiny.

We weren’t here on 9/11, 11 years ago. But after living here for seven years, it feels a little like being a younger sibling who cries when their big brother or sister is sad.  To our friends and neighbors for whom this is a difficult day, we love you.