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linsey laidlaw living room

A few weeks back, my friend Joanna posted a tour of our Brooklyn apartment on her blog. This apartment has wonky electricity (mind which socket you vacuum from or the whole house will go dark), the teeeeensiest bathroom, is normally blanketed in legos/Thomas tracks/construction paper scraps, and has been known to have an unwelcome mouse visitor from time-to-time. It is small. There is no laundry, no parking, no outdoor space, and not even a real dishwasher. But I love our home so much—I brought two of my babies home from the hospital to this place, have hosted so many fun parties crammed with beloved friends, and have created one hundred billion happy memories within these chipped-paint walls. And for all its faults, I will cry buckets of tears if/when we ever leave—it is the place my kids were little. (Though Brian has big plans for triple bunks that could get us through the teenage years!) I’m so glad the amazing Alpha captured this space so we can look back fondly years down the road. See more here if you like.

linsey laidlaw kids room