| Queens County Farm

Ely Kim is a creative genius and I have been lucky enough to count him as a best buddy since our freshman year of high school. So when he asked if I wanted to help out on a little project he was doing, I couldn’t say YES fast enough. Queens Country Farm Museum (which is a very charming place to visit, especially with kids—a real live farm in NYC!) was up for a grant from Partners in Presentation, and they requested a video to put out the word. Unfortunately I didn’t post this video in time for you to obey the veggies and vote (sorry!!) but I think its just too cute to not post at all.  It was so renewing to take a day off from the computer, doodle speech bubbles, and giggle with an old friend over talking radishes.

PS—If this didn’t cheer you up, its physically impossible to not feel happy watching this.



| Avocados

This is a poloroid from my first photoshoot as an art director.  I was so incredibly nervous!  The shoot was a success because of the amazing team I worked with that day—[ Sarah Cave, stylist;
Beatriz da Costa photographer; Christine Albano, food editor. ]  I keep it on framed in my living room because it gets more beautiful as it deteriorates, and also to remind me to do scary things.  Like write things on the world wide web.

P.S. Avocado Gelato—one of the recipes from this story—will rock your world.  Christine garnished ours with a squeeze of lime and salt.