| Dare Alla Luce

“We ourselves are made of stardust.” This quote, in all its layers, rushed hard at me as I marveled at Amy Friend’s “Dare Alla Luce”. Amy’s series, named for the Italian phrase meaning “to give birth” or literally, “to give to the light”, was created by piercing vintage photographs, long lost and forgotten, and photographing them anew against the light.



Its hard to choose, but this one, titled “We Gather to See”, is my favorite. Read more and see the incredible full collection here.

| Taproot Flowers

I’m so excited to announce the official launch Brooklyn’s newest flower shop, Taproot. Every flower used in Taproot’s gorgeous bouquets are ethically grown within 200 miles of Crown Heights, Brooklyn which is a big deal. For years I’ve been aware of the local food movement, and have tried to incorporate it more and more into my family’s diet out of concern for our health, community, and the earth— but for some reason it didn’t occur to me think about the flowers I was choosing!

To quote Rachel, “Flowers are beautiful, but the conventional flower industry has an ugly side: the shipping emissions, packaging waste, and toxic preservatives involved in flying flowers around the world, as well as the worker exploitation and heavy use of carcinogenic pesticides that occur on industrial flower farms.” (Learn more here.)

And the icing on the cake: local flowers last longer! I have been the lucky recipient of a few of Taproot’s test arrangements and because they are fresher and haven’t endured a long flight, they last much longer, even when I am forgetful of changing their water. I feel so much better knowing my kids—who take “smelling the roses” to be a very literal suggestion and enjoy long, hearty sniffs and the occasional bloom-in-teeth-tango—aren’t being exposed to nasty chemicals. Bravo, Taproot. I can’t wait for Brooklyn to get to know you!


P.S. I loved collaborating with Rachel on Taproot’s branding and art direction—see more here. Photos by Alpha Smoot.

P.S.S. Lucky day! In honor of their launch, Rachel is offering free shipping on all orders through January 31 with code JANUARY. You can see which flowers are available here!