| Spike’s Cards

My little sister is all-around rad. She keeps us up-to-speed on things like hot new tracks and what the cool kids are up to. She is also an exceptionally talented (officially certified) hairdresser! When the opportunity came along to assist the amazing Rubi Jones at Alt Summit a few weeks back, we had to whip up some new business cards! I thought a couple shiny, gold (always!) bobby pins might come in handy for conference attendees, so we had the cards drilled to slip on a nice X-marks-the-best-hairdresser-lady.
I also printed the X with a spot varnish so that when the bobby pins are removed, the design still holds up.

A shot of Spike (her never-to-be-shaken baby nickname) and Ruby in action. Seriously—if you live anywhere on the west coast, book an appointment with this gal today. You hairs will thank you!

Bottom photo courtesy of She Lets Her Hair Down.