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Any chance to work with the lovely Mara Kofoed is a real good time, so I was delighted when she asked me to help put together a workshop about natural beauty products last summer.  Jessa Blades agreed to teach a bit about this important topic, and that gal knows her stuff. (Not to mention her glowing skin and shampoo-commercial hair would convince me to do about anything she suggested.)

The cozy Red Hook restaurant Home/Made was the perfect setting for discussing Natural Beauty—the lovely couple who own it are so warm and friendly, and these women know delicious, beautiful food.

(Ah, summer food…how I miss thee.) Seriously though, go have brunch here ASAP. Their Grilled Peach & Basil Waffle is at the tip top of the Best Things I Have Ever Eaten list.

I created a series of cards for guests to take home, which included Jessa’s recipe for Honey Lavender elixir (so refreshing!), her top recommendations & tips,  and a handy cheat sheet of the most important ingredients to avoid. CARDS2



We tied the cards, along with a small envelope of herb seeds labeled with each guest’s name, to the goodie bag which was loaded with amazing products.

Mara and her sponsors hooked guests up with all these incredible products, which was like Christmas. If you are curious, my favorites are the Egyptian Magic Cream, (truly magical!) all of the Acure hair products, and the very best chapstick I have ever tried. I’m so happy to find really good natural products as I gradually replace my old chemical-laden stuff, which was just the icing on the cake to this fun job. Thanks for the job Mara, and thanks, Vine.com, for sponsoring this great event!

Photos by Kylie Whiting.


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