| Jeffrey & Brittan

In a shameful showing of my true greedy colors, I confess I had hoped from time to time that my brother Jeffrey would never marry. He was too much fun to have to ourselves in his bachelor state—always down for a week of emergency mannying or last minute beach vacation. BUT—we didn’t count on him winning the lady lotto—I couldn’t be more thrilled he found Brittan. Their vision for the wedding—simple, natural, beautiful—also describes the beautiful bride perfectly.

We decided off that bat that a simple design in gold foil on cherry wood postcards would make the perfect stationery for their Sundance wedding.


Look at that shimmer! When designing this suite, I became obsessed with a typeface used by a nearby boutique, Cloak & Dagger. My brilliant sister Jana  casually offered to draw the elusive font for me, and then— type goddess that she is, delivered it within a day. There is a reason she is my favorite collaborator.

Brittan had always dreamed of a fall wedding at the ski resort she spent so much time at with her family growing up, and because they didn’t want to wait a whole year the only date available was Friday the 13th! They decided to run with it and give the day new meaning. Kraft favor boxes were filled with lemon drops, the bride’s favorite candy. So happy for these crazy kids, and pretty happy for myself for scoring lotsa boxes of lemon drops plus a gem of a sister-in-law.

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