| Love Letters

One of my favorite projects to date was very personal—a book of love letters from my grandmother I compiled for my mother’s birthday.  My Aunt Laura had found a stack of old letters written by my grandmother, Idell, to my grandfather, Clarence Denzel.  They were very young and not technically allowed to be in love (he was a missionary during the time, which was just prior to World War II.) When I learned about the letters—and that my mom didn’t know about them yet—I knew what must be done! (more…)

| Philharmonic Posters

While doing panini research with a friend, I found an amazing Japanese typography book in a trash pile on a Tribeca sidewalk. Since I don’t know Japanese I can’t read the details, but aren’t these posters by Hayahiko Yonaga just right?  Perfectly timeless, I can’t tell if they are from the 40s or last year. (more…)