| Redesign: Two Tiny Kitchens

You think you know a person, only to discover your sneaky sister-in-law turns out to have a
secret super baking blog. And not only did she deprive you of the chief taste tester position, but her blog is being featured on The Martha Stewart Show! In spite of this treachery, we couldn’t let Ashley’s blog make its Martha debut  in a generic template, so this last week was a scramble to give Two Tiny Kitchens a makeover.

Ashley and her sister Anna are serious bakers—even Ivy knows that “Auntie Ashley is the best cooker,” and has several requests after staring at the delicious images on my screen all week. Everyone scurry overpick out a recipe, bake and mail to me!

This was my first time using Typekit (Remember I am a print-loving-gal trying to make friends with this information superhighway), and it is exciting to be able to use real fonts on the web. We still have some kinks to work out, but are generally pleased with our week’s effort. The header was scanned and redrawn from a vintage type book. Major hat tip to my brother Larson for his amazing coding job and above all for not e-killing me every time I requested a minute typographic change.



| NYC Postcards

Like most New Yorkers, I am passionate about this city. We came here with starry eyes and hungry stomachs—Brian hung up his magazine hat to pursue law; I picked it up and scurried over to Martha Stewart Living. We took long walks through Central Park, ate hot dogs at Coney Island, soaked in museums, and gazed at the city skyline from the rooftop. I was in love.

But as passionate affairs are wont to be, my relationship with NYC is volatile—it takes about one subway detour for the love-hate to flip and there is no middle ground. Late winter with two kids can really put us on the rocks, and I confess that as we approach the Seven Year Itch, thoughts of driveways and a laundry room dance in my head. It occurred to me that perhaps New York and I needed some alone time to rekindle the spark.

Magically, the stars aligned and I got my NYC date, but since this post is already too long and blubbery, maybe we should discuss that later and look at a few more of these lovely postcards.

The New York Public Library Online Picture Collection recently added 25,000 historical New York City post cards to their collection. I am especially intrigued by those with special finishes— The “Hold to Light” cards have my wheels spinning for a future projects, Embossed cards allowed the owners to “reproduce the image by rubbing a pencil across a piece of paper placed over the card”,  and you know I love the ones with added tinsel and glitter!