| Calendar Clocks

Happy Leap Day everyone! Or, “Happy Leapfrog Day!” as Ivy is shouting to Oliver on repeat. It feels like time is accelerating—I’m glad for the bonus day since I’m still trying to train my fingers to write 2012. Perhaps a retro calendar clock could help keep me on track? I love this orange Fartech (although I’m not sure I could take the never-ending bathroom humor its name would undoubtedly elicit from Brian.)

But I think I am leaning towards this Twemco model since the numbers will make it easier to teach the kids how to tell time. But oh, that orange. I am a sucker for orange. What’s your vote?

| West Texas Save-the-Date

When Derek and Emily asked me to create a custom invitation suite with a “Brooklyn meets West Texas” vibe, I was thrilled.  I couldn’t shake that Yellow Rose of Texas song from my mind, and when I suggested the idea of incorporating it to Emily she laughed and told me that the song was “…about a woman named Emily Morgan, the ‘yellow rose of Texas’,  a prostitute who “distracted” Santa Ana so the Texans could get across a bridge or something. There’s a hotel named after her in San Antonio where I grew up, though my parents didn’t know any of this when I was born in Massachusetts and they named me…Emily Morgan!”  That settled it.

After an unsuccessful search for the perfect fabric to make pockets, we created a custom yellow rose patterned paper to line the envelopes. The cards have a digitally printed black layer with a gold foil overlay on kraft paper.  I can’t wait to show you the rest of the pieces!